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We ensure the shipment of your parcels, luggage and removals to Africa by Sea and Air freight. WE ALSO ENSURE:
Storage of your luggage in our warehouses located .... The packaging and collection of your parcels and luggage at home.

Personal effects carefully packed in trunks, metal canteens, suitcases or solid boxes. Contact us for specific goods (very fragile objects, furniture, paintings etc.) Each package must be labeled with the name and address of the recipient. Double keys or closing code to send us obligatorily for customs controls


Explosives, ammunition, firecrackers, fireworks, rockets, etc ... Compressed gas, gas camping stoves, gas lighters. Paints, flammable products, matches. Corrosive, oxidizing, irritating products. Acids, wet battery, soda or potash, mercury ... Toxic products, etiological agents. Radioactive materials. Magnetized masses.

Certain electronic equipment and their software, measurement equipment. Works of art, collectibles and antiques. Metals and precious stones.

Simplified content declaration Estimated value of each package Sender and recipient details Photocopy of your national identity card or passport

Vehicle Shipping to Africa

When handing over your vehicle, you just have to give us the documents of the car as well as the name of the recipient and we take care of everything else.
We will give you a copy of the car documents as well as all the information concerning the departure and arrival of the vehicle.
We will arrange for customs clearance of your vehicle and, if applicable, we will provide your supplier with proof of export to justify the duty-free sale.

We have a closed and secure area of 480 m2.
When handing over your vehicle, it is possible to keep it on the spot, before it is sent to the port, and this in order to allow you to load your vehicle or allow you to secure your vehicle in order to prevent theft at destination.

When sending a vehicle, we take care of sending the necessary documents (bill of lading + original document to the car) of the vehicle at destination.
We take care of supplying all the necessary and specific documents to the destination and we will send them by DHL to our agents on site from whom the recipient will collect these documents.
It is also possible, subject to the payment of an extra, to send the documents by DHL directly to the recipient.

International maritime law underlines the fact that each goods transported are at the owner's risk.
For this reason, we can offer you an insurance system that covers the total loss of the car and the mechanical parts of the vehicle.
This insurance policy, which will be calculated on the basis of the insured amount and the make of the vehicle, will cover the damage caused during transport and will end when descending to the vehicle.
When sending the bill of lading to our agents, we will attach an insurance policy on which you will find all the necessary information.
We inform you that the price of insurance does not provide the vehicle with more security.